“New chalumeau reeds for everyone!”

Name: Candilaila

Real name: Courtney

Birth date: June 2nd, 1994


Timezone: PST+2



Candilaila is the officer of Audacia and is extremely well-liked and beloved. She is easy to get along with and will make a great friend to pretty much anyone in the guild, or out of the guild. Likes to be referred to as lazy (and is indeed very lazy sometimes,) but is extremely hard working and reliable when she puts her mind to it. Don’t let her cute pink appearance fool you though. She is secretly a loyal member of the dark side. She also likes noodles a little -too- much.

What do they say?

Aibee: “Her love of noodles is second only to her love of her friends and fellow guildies. (and that’s saying something!)”

Zekito: “Always a fashionable sunshine. It’s always a pleasure to have her around … Yet … I feel like I must do something to repay her kindness.”