Guild rules

The following page describes the rules and roles for both applicants and members. Please read carefully through it if you intend to apply, or have recently joined the guild. This page will be updated regularly as new rules are added.

Application to the guild

To enter the guild, an applicant must satisfy one of the following:

  • Get approved by the Guild Leader


  • Get approved by the Guild Officer


  • Get approved by a Council member


  • Get vouched for by 2 members within the guild

If an applicant applies to the guild without first making contact with any member, they will be contacted by the Guild leader or Recruitment Officer.

If they do not respond to a contact request within 6 weeks, their application will be automatically rejected.

If an applicant are contacted by the Guild Leader or Recruitment Officer, they will be interviewed, and tested for the following attributes:

Recommended member attributes

  1. Talk
    • The ability to ask for help when needed
    • The willingness to raise your voice if there is cause for complaint, even if you don’t believe others will listen or agree
  2. Listen
    • The ability to learn from others and work together, even if you believe you already know best
    • The willingness to listen to the needs and complaints of others, even if they are a bit annoying
  3. Endure
    • The ability to withstand the occasional drama that all social groups like this have.

Voting and democracy

Our Guild is a guild for all guild members, we want to hear your voice. Which is why we do votes!

Not all the time, but every now and then we will vote on something within the guild, Sometimes its on a new guild event, other times its about a members role within the guild.

Larger scale changes to the guild that involve everyone can only be done after a majority vote.

To maintain order, subjects for vote will usually be brought up and discussed during weekly guild meetings, which take place most Saturdays at 12pm PST, immediately after character aging. For better efficiency, it is highly recommended that new subjects are brought to a council member for discussion and refinement prior to being raised at the guild meeting.

Be nice and respect your fellow guild members.

We want everyone’s experience in Audacia to be an enjoyable one.

If any member harasses another member you can report it to the guild leader, guild officer or any of the guild council members. (preferably with screenshots) The leader and council members will then talk about the appropriate course of action to take.

The action we take will be handled case by case, The offender may be given a warning, or if the offense is serious enough, will result in an auto boot.

The last thing we want to do, is be forced to boot someone out of the guild, but will do it if necessary, so please behave.

Additionally, any member who declares they are gonna leave the guild, must leave the guild within 2 weeks of declaring departure or they will get booted out.

Roles within the guild

All roles (besides Member), including the role of the Guild Leader are up for vote, if a vote is requested. All roles require volunteering. One may not nominate another person for a role unless they volunteer themselves.

Guild Leader


  • Vote Officer: Must organize, announce and votes, and enact their results.
  • Guild meetings: Must organize a guild meeting at least once a week, to cover recent news and allow votes to be requested and announced.
  • Must obtain priority subjects from Council Members with regards to the guild meeting.
  • Must enforce rules regarding removal of members, and sending notes to removed members (See Member privilages below)


  • May choose to accept a member into the guild unconditionally.

Guild Officer


  • Recruitment Officer: Should interview and examine applicants, based on the criteria listed above.
  • Should search for additional members suitable for the guild.


  • May choose to accept a member into the guild unconditionally.

Council/Senior Member


  • Topic Officer: Should determine which topics are of highest priority, and create an order list to be presented at the guild meeting.
  • Should listen to requests from other members, to be added to the priority topic list. Should discuss and iron out details prior to adding it the meeting schedule.
  • Should inform inquiring members about topics that have been discussed in previous meetings, topics that may be discussed in an upcoming meeting, and any ongoing votes.
  • Organize/create guild events and take guild event suggestions.
  • Discuss with other council members if something reported is strike worthy or not.


  • May create a schedule for the meeting. Topics in the schedule are discussed before any other topic raised by a member. Other members can still raise topics after the council topics are covered.
  • May choose to accept a member into the guild unconditionally.

Raid Organizer


  • Organize guild combat activities on a daily basis, or more.



  • Should send a note to the Guild Leader if intending to leave the guild.
  • After declaring to leave, if member does not leave guild within 2 weeks or give Guild Leader notice of changing their mind, they will be removed from the guild.
  • Must be online at least once every 12 weeks, unless reserved inactivity (see below). Failure to do so will result in becoming an Inactive Member (see below)
  • Should spend time in Channel 3 open world
  • Should attend guild meetings whenever possible
  • Should keep up to date with ongoing events and votes
  • Should listen to guild chat and respond where appropriate.


  • May request a vote to be held on a topic. The topic must be clear, and implementable by the guild, prior to the vote. Suggestions that are too broad, abstract, or impractical to implement, will not be accepted. Topics should be discussed with council members prior to being suggested.
  • May not be removed from the guild unless violating a related rule, or causing extreme drama.
  • May apply for any role within the guild. Application requires a 50% vote. Application the Guild Leader role also requires premium service.
  • Will receive a note if removed from the guild, or if becoming an Inactive Member.
  • May participate in events and receive rewards from the Reward Pool
  • May Request items from the guild Free items pool
  • May organize a personal event (See below)
  • May request and receive pages and other collectibles from the Page Pool
  • May vouch for an applicant to become a member. Two vouches are required.
  • May speak at a guild meeting after the topics set by the council are covered.
  • May vote on any subject raised for vote. All votes are equal.
  • May reserve “inactive time”. While online, the member may specify a date, until which the member will be exempt from being active, and will not be under risk of becoming an Inactive Member.

Inactive Member


  • May request to become a Member by reapplying to the guild. The request will be automatically accepted.

Guild meetings

Guild meetings occur most weeks on Saturday at 6PM PST.

Meetings cover the previous week’s occurrences, as well as next week’s votes and events. In the case of an event ending, they also include an award ceremony.

The council decides the highest priority topics. These are discussed before any member may raise a different topic. Any member may address the council during the week to request a topic to be added to the schedule.

Discussion during the meeting is done in turn. Members should be seated during the meeting, and should get up if they wish to speak. They will receive the floor once the previous speaker is done.

Guild Events

Every so often, the guild will hold an event. An event typically lasts one week, during which members try to accumulate the highest amount of points.

Events are generally tailored to promote guild goals, ranging from guild promotion, increase in guild resources, and increasing bonds between members in the guild.

Winners of an event may choose items from the Guild Event Rewards Pool.

Prior to an event starting, it will be discussed at a guild meeting, and be subject to a vote.

Personal Events

Guild members may organize their own events. These differ from guild events in that they are not subject to vote. The organizer may set arbitrary rules.

The following requirements apply to a personal event:

  • The person organizing the event must personally finance any rewards. Access to the Guild Event Rewards Pool is not given.
  • The event must be scheduled during a guild meeting, or in a discussion with the council, so as to not overlap other events or guild activities.