The End Of Audacia, Birth Of Something New

The End Of Audacia, Birth Of Something New

Haii all peeps~ .o.


As you can see from the title of this post,  Audacia ish finally coming to an end. Now get your reading glasses ready cause I got a huge army of words for you to read. >:I


Two and a half years ago, this guild was created by a small group of friends to be a home for them and a place where they can teach newbies how to play and learn to love Mabinogi. Time passed by and the guild went through changes here and there. Multible guild leader changes happened, from Raidexn to irydial, from irydial to Lunarsica, from Lunarsica to Eriline and finally from Eriline to Nightearna. Each guild leader ran the guild differently, the guild grew lots and became what it ish today. That being an amazing guild, with tons of history and lots of happy members who have come and gone through out the time this guild ran. Now I was not one of the original members of this guild, however I am aware that Audacia was never ment to become what it ish today. I’ve been running Audacia for over a year now, I did all this because I was one of the happy members that fell in love with the guild, thanks to the welcoming and loving treatment I received from the members when I joined. Pretty much all of those members are nu longer apart of Audacia or even mabinogi today. The members that are a part of Audacia today are peeps I or my senior/council members brought into the guild. So after much discussing, its been decided that we stop carrying the guild name Audacia, and make our own. Because what we are today, ish indeed a completely different guild then what was created 2 and a half years ago.


Enjoy all that history? cool, now as I said in there I am not one of the original members of this guild and didn’t experience the first half a year of the guilds life. So please forgive if I its not 100% accurate. ;c



The date of the disbanding of Audacia, ish on August 26th 2017.



The end of Audacia may be near but as I briefly mentioned in that short history lesson, it ish not the end of what I Nightearna, turned Audacia into. We are still an incredibly active guild, with lots of peeps still enjoying the guild and the events/get togethers, me and my council members put together.


We are recreating our Audacia, into a new guild with the Name Fearcia!


This name was selected out of the names me and my council members came up with. It sounds cool, has cia at the end of it to show we came from Audacia, and has a cool slogan.


We are fierce, we are feared, we are fearcia.


I myself came up with the slogan, but only thanks to Candilaila, giving me a brief summary of what she thought of the name Fearcia.




Now for the plan!


Fearcia will be created only an hour or 2 after the disbanding of Audacia. Which will be on August 26th at around 3 pst, time expected to vary based on peeps schedules. 😉


We won’t be able to add every guild member in on that same day. We should be able to get at least 20 of you in tho. Me and my senior members will be grinding MA that day to boost our gp as quickly as possible. We will need your help too, to whoever wants to be one of the first peeps in guild, it would be wonderful if you could be level 1 on the day of the guild creation, we get 5gp per level up a guild member gets. If we play our cards right, we can get our gold guild stone back hella fast.


Every guild member will be sent a note at some point this week, explaining the disbanding of Audacia, and the creation of our new guild Fearcia. Every guild member ish welcome to join us in the new guild, and will not have to be interviewed.


As for this website and the discord group.


The discord group will remain exactly the same, we will simply change the name.


This website however was created for Audacia and has way to many connections to the past on it. Tho what we are doing with the website ish still undecided, This will most likely be the last post here, as we will most likely be moving elsewhere. I will be posting the new website or whatever we decide to do with it, all over discord and on the new mabi guild. If you are/were a guild member of Audacia and are not on discord, annnnddd are reading this post long after I made it. Please note/add me on mabi and apply to the new guild Fearcia and I will direct you to the new website.


We hope to see as many of you as possible in Fearcia~ ^w^ <3



^the last picture taken of us as Audacia.


Welp Audacia you have been a wonderful home. Many peeps have had great times and memories in this guild.


Thank you to the peeps who were here and made mabinogi fun for me when I just started. You guys were great, time for me and my peeps to move on tho.


*silently stabs Audacia and drinks its blood* shhhhhh its oki~ it will all be over soon. Thank you and goodbye.


Rip Audacia

1/25/2015 ~ 8/26/2017