Guild Officer Vote

Guild Officer Vote

Hey guyss


We having an Important vote this week, gonna decide who shall be the next guild officer of Audacia.


Here are our contestants


  • In the green corner we have Felidas. Guild deer and one of the gayest peeps in the guild.
  • In the red corner we have EZRS. The only cool elf in mabinogi and one of my top Williams.
  • In the blue corner we have Mewecho. Guild Feline and a hella cute peep.
  • In the pink corner we have Regnalade. The Magikarp destroyer and another of my best Williams.


Every guild member ish allowed 2 votes, however only 1 vote may be applied to each nominee. You can choose to only vote for 1 peep if you please. To vote, send me Nightearna a note in mabi saying the names of the 1 or 2 peeps you would like to see as officer. Pming me on discord will also work. If you want your vote to not be public, please tell me and I will make your vote anonymous. Voting will last 1 week, ending on Saturday August 12th.


Here be what the votes look like so far.



Now here be some screenshots from our meeting and the wedding of Felidas and Syeuri that took place Friday.


Wedding Pictures



Meeting Pictures



See ya next time.