Guild Meeting And Umbrella Race

Guild Meeting And Umbrella Race

Haii all peeps o/


Got lots of new members recently, which I’m really happy about. I hope all of you enjoy the guild~


Meeting Report.


We had quite the interesting and enjoyable guild meeting this week, and a pretty cool event afterwards. Here be some screenshots from the meeting ^^



As you see, lots of chaotic fun going on here. .o. If anyone wondering why Felidas ish in such low health on the first picture. I like to beat on him, every meeting.


Guild Umbrella Race.


Now for the report of the guild umbrella race, event created and hosted by EZRS, or as most in guild call her, April.


In this event, many guildies hopped with umbrella, from Corrib valley to Cor village. Yep pretty much from one side of the mabi globe to the other.



Hella long but very fun event. Most of the racers gave up during the race and joined the spectators/supervisors, so more of a guild road trip really. Still was really nice~ Congratz and nice work to those who Umbrella hopped the whole way through.


Thank you for reading. See you next time~!