Guild Activity 6/13/17~7/2/17

Guild Activity 6/13/17~7/2/17

Hi guys~!


Been doing guild meetings every week again like I said we would with much success. Been lots of fun hanging out and playing mafia, running dungeons and stuff with you guys.


This recent meeting we did something a little different, Since guild officer Candilaila will be leaving for 3 weeks, we decided to temporally give her guild officer position to someone else. How did we decide who will be officer for 3 weeks? In the form of a raffle of course. How else would we decide it? RNGesus ish bae.


Everyone who arrived at the meeting was put into this random name picker, The guild member chosen to be officer was non other then Darkstatz. Enjoy that silver crown for 3 weeks. cx


Just now updated the page About Audacia. With a new picture and such.


Now here be some screenshots from the past few meetings.


Meeting on 6/17/17.


Meeting on 6/24/17.

Meeting on 7/2/17. Delayed 1 day because of server crash on Saturday.

As you see, I really like creating suspense (O)_(O)

^Big Picture for big reasons!


See you next time guys~ .o.