Guild Meeting/Get Together

Guild Meeting/Get Together

Haii haii~


Soooo just gonna make a short post to show some screenshots of the meeting that occured on 6/10/17 and such.


I know we haven’t been doing the meetings as much anymore, due to there being very little guild stuff to talk about.  I’ve decided to start doing them at pretty much every week again. Not so much to talk about official guild stuff, more like a weekly get together with guildies. I probably won’t make a post about each one, but ye they will be occurring. .o.


We also decided to change the normal guild meeting time to 6pm pst. Due to there being more peeps online later in the day.


Now how bout them pictures? Oki dok here you go! pictures of the guild meeting~



Much fun~ and now a guild picture that was taken during that large guild discord call.



See ya next time~