Guild Meeting And Statues Report For Guild Activity's

Guild Meeting And Statues Report For Guild Activity’s

Hello again~ Nightearna here with another guild meeting report!!



At this guild meeting I reminded peeps about our guild website, you know the thing your on right now if you are reading this. We got some neat stuff on here that I wanted to get more attention. Like our Members page. Which has some info on some of our members if you felt like being a creepy stalker. o;


If you don’t have a page yet and would like one, please feel free to message me in game or on discord giving me all or some of the following info


Real name:




A short Description about yourself:

A Catchphrase/quote about yourself:

And a picture of your in game character


All of this ish optional of course, your free to pick and choose which info you’re comfortable with giving out.


We also have an Extras section here on the website, which has some cool stuff like a Guild Photo page, which shows group guild pictures from past events and such. A free items pool, which has a list of free items that any guild member can have. And some more neat stuff!




Guild event time!


We have lots of stuff in the rewards pool so its time to give a couple of those out. This guild event that will last one week ish the random number event! Cause everyone loves RNGesus.


Random Number Generator

  • Everyone notes Nightearna a number of their choosing, between 1 and 100. The person who gets closest to a number chosen by a random number generator wins the event.
  • Additional prize for getting exact number.


Prize for first place, (person who guessed closest to to number chosen by RNGesus.) Will receive 1 million gold and a prize from our guild pool. Prize will be 3 Million gold if the number guessed ish exact to the number chosen. Second place prize will be a prize from the guild pool.


Number will be chosen at the end of the week, Saturday May 27th.



Guild Statues Report!

I haven’t made a post in some time, so I’d like to give a short report of what has been going on in guild as of lately.


Guild runs every week. Running stuff as a guild ish always fun, so whenever there isn’t a meeting or guild event, we like to do a run as a guild. Lots of 2 peaca abyss guild runs and 1 Forest purification runs.



We had a guild event at one week where Candilaila would hide somewhere in Uladh, She would then give out clues to where she was hiding, first person to find her, would receive 5 points, second person would get 3 points, and third would get 1 point. After the third person found her, she would move to a new place to hide and the process would repeat about 7-10 times. The person with the most points at the end of event won the prize of 1 million gold and prize from pool. That person was Angelina66, Congratz again Angel! ^^



As you see we had a party at the top of the observatory at the end of the event~


Welp that ends this post. Thank you for reading, See ya next time!