Guild Event And Chicken Race

Guild Event And Chicken Race

Haii guys n.n


We had another guild meeting today, here be some recap of what we did.



We starting up a guild event that will last one week.


Helping Hand

  • Guildie must ask for help with something (dungeon, shadow mission, commerce), over guild chat
  • Everyone who responds and helps out earns a point, including the person who asked for help
  • All runs and names involved should be noted to the Nightearna
  • The same group of people can only run up to 5 times per real life day to count for points
  • Runs with a different combination of people can earn more points for that day (still up to 5) as long as someone new is in the group.


The Prize ish 1 million gold and a reward from our pool, to the guildie with most points at the end of event. A hug and some bacons for the person in second place.


Just a quick reminder to everyone in guild, we have a free items pool, anyone in the guild ish free to take a few items from this list of item, take a look~


During the meeting we decided to take a group picture with all who showed up……. Unfortunately my computer was stolen by picture hating goblins shortly after the meeting, they deleted all of the pictures on my computer and then gave it back to me. I had backups tho, of all my pictures….except for the group ones, so they were lost in the void. Sorry guys ;c We will take a new picture soon and I will put it on website post for next week!!



After the meeting we did the guild’s second chicken race, all the chicks ran beautifully, however only 1 would end up the winner of this chicken dinner. The winner of the race was Fizzwall! congratz fizz. Rip to Nicksan who was devoured by raccoons during the race. Here be some screenshots and even a video, provided by Candilaila of the race.





See you next time everyone~