William's Commercing Event

William’s Commercing Event

Hello everyone~


First up lemme give a short recap of what happened at the previous guild meeting.


The first place winner of the scavenger hunt event was Valzoaharuki!! The second place winner was Soraya08 and the third place winner was Andrevv. Congratz to all 3 of you!




Now for the main topic, this weeks meeting.




We will be starting a new guild event for this week.


William’s Commercing event!!


This event ish just like the original guild commercing event with a twist. If you take screenshots of William commercing with you then your pics shall be posted on the guild website, you will be credited for them and you will receive bonus prizes (probably dyes). William commercing partner and guildies in William trans both count. Please send all screenshots to me, Nightearna through discord or skype~!


If you don’t have a William trans or commercing partner then threat not. You can still participate in the event and if you win, then the prizes will be the same. Here ish the rules of the event.



  • Points are earned by traveling distances. The farther you go the more points you and your party get! One point per location passed through including destination, but excluding starting location. Example: Going from Dunbarton to Tir Chonaill is two points, and from Bangor to Tara is 6.
  • Boats also count as a location passed through
  • Minimum party size is two guild members.
  • A party containing 4 or more people receives one additional point. In addition a party with a single guildless also nets a point for the party. Each guildless is only valid for one run.
  • A party member must note Nightearna (Except for guildless’) the starting location, end location and all party members.
  • Last but not least, the event ends two hours before age up time in game. results will be given and prizes will be awarded at the weekly guild meeting


Like the last event, the first place prize will be 1 million gold and a prize from our guild pool. Second place will be 200k gold and a prize from the guild pool. Third place ish a pat on the back and a hug.


After the meeting we all decided to get a head start on the event and went commercing with William. Here ish some screenshots from that.




See you next week. .o.